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Stay hydrate, and if you want to make this workout hard, add one more circuit (DROP/FINISH/EXECUIT CIRCUIT) with three new push up exercises. For example: 1.Dips 2.Wide Push Up 3.Muslce Up Your goal MAXIMUM REPS!!!!


Warm-up your whole body,to prevent possible injuries.


Circuits' Information

Circuits Repetitions: 3
Circuits Execution: OneCircuitAtATime

Circuit 1:

Exercise Execution
1 Push Ups 30 reps
2 PLANK 40 sec.
3 Diamond Push Ups 20 reps

Circuit 2:

Exercise Execution
1 Decline Push Ups 30 reps
2 PLANK 40 sec.
3 Narrow Push Ups 20 reps

Circuit 3:

Exercise Execution
1 Incline Push Ups 30 reps
2 PLANK 40 sec.
3 Clap Push Ups 20 reps
Rest Between Circuits: 120 sec.
Rest Between Exercises: 30 sec.


Make your dynamic static&stretching,to prevent possible injuries. Drink enough water, and get your after workout supplements ( whatever you use) .