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This is routine workout which main advantage is the fact you train your main upper muscle groups. To execute it you only need a pull up bar. More advanced people can execute more circuits than normally filled in the workout.


You warm up exercises are not specific but you have to prepare your shoulders and arms for the workout to prevent possible injuries.


Circuits' Information

Circuits Repetitions: 4
Circuits Execution: Successively

Circuit 1:

Exercise Execution
1 Push Ups 12 reps
2 Normal Pull Ups 8 reps
3 Wide Pull Ups 8 reps
4 Wide Push Ups 12 reps
5 Close Grip Pull Ups 8 reps
6 Diamond Push Ups 12 reps
7 Close Chin Ups 8 reps
8 Incline Push Ups 12 reps
Rest Between Circuits: 240 sec.
Rest Between Exercises: 20 sec.


After the workout it will be good to make a good stretching.